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25 Jan - 28 Mar

Black and white portraits

Ed Catley

This exhibition explores the development of Ed Catley's recent work within contemporary fine-art printmaking.

Exhibitions are regularly extended to the Chapel Bar, located on Stalls level.


The Cabinet of Secret Lives 

Open the doors, glimpse the images, listen to the sounds, you are now entering The Cabinet of Secret Lives...

Arty Party present to you images of secret lives viewed through doors in an antiquated cabinet. Adapted from writings by author Jeff Vandermeer, the stories echo parts of our own lives and like us are full of unexpected magic. 

Open just one more door, wait a little bit longer and everything will change.

Arty Party is a team of artists with learning disabilities. They share phenomenal award-winning films at galleries and film festivals around the world. Exhibited in the main foyer 19 Feb - 10 Apr.