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Third Floor, Theatre Severn


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This exhibition shows an array of artworks made by young people as a response to the history of the air services during World War I, and the subsequent birth of the RAF in 1918. 

The works recognise the courage and skills of those early pilots, who served their country not only during wartime, but also as champions of flight technology and civil aviation. 

Using a variety of approaches, including film and animation, over 50 young people aged 10 to 22 years, and participating in their own time, have created high quality, accessible and engaging artworks, some of which can be seen in this exhibition. 

Working with artists and filmmakers, with RAF veterans and their families, and with flight specialists, archives and museums, the young creatives have uncovered some of the hidden stories of those early pioneers of flight - from World War I trainee pilot to post war Flying Circus showman, and beyond.

For more information about the individual works and the stories they share, please refer to the Champions of Flight Exhibition Guide. 

We are currently developing an online exhibition so that these, and future artworks, can be shared more widely, as part of the Shropshire Remembers World War I Commemorations and the RAF Centenary during 2018.  You will be able to experience the online exhibition by visiting

If you have an RAF related anecdote that you would like to share as part of this project, please get in touch via