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Third Floor, Theatre Severn


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As we journey through the everyday, with mobile phone to hand, we have at our fingertips a wealth of creative technology with which to capture, to play, to create and to share. This exhibition presents experiments, sketches, and proposals, made by MediaActive Associates, young and old, using mobile phones.

One of the conditions of modern living seems to be the relentless speed of technological change, and arguably this development is epitomised by the ubiquitous, constantly upgraded, mobile phone. Whilst some of the works on show here reflect the rapid pace of modern life, a number of works have deliberately sort to function in opposition to the apparent speed, or flow, of the latter. As the American artist Bill Viola suggested, one of the central problems of our times might be how we ‘maintain sensitivity and depth of thought (both functions of time) in the context of our accelerated lives’. 

We hope this exhibition is a starting point for further creative conversations around art and technology and how we, as creative beings, can respond to both the challenges and opportunities presented by endless technological change.

If you would like to find out more about a particular piece of work in the exhibition, please email

Based in Shropshire, MediaActive Projects works with local people, organisations and creative practitioners to co-design and produce an on-going innovative programme of special projects, commissions, events and exhibitions. Our programme seeks to embrace contemporary practice and the creative use of technology, to inspire and enrich the lives of both our audiences and project participants.

Our Associates include past and current project participants and the artists, filmmakers and curators that we work with. For more information about MediaActive Projects please visit