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This is a wonderful theatre and you should be very proud of it. The backstage facilities are top class which really makes a difference to the team."
Wayne Sleep - Cabaret (2009)

"Shrewsbury was a great crowd and we enjoyed ourselves."
Reginald D Hunter (2010)

"Everybody is just enchantingly kind and lovely. And the Theatre's full, every night, which means the public here support their theatre. Thank you."
Jenny Seagrove - The Country Girl (2010)

"It's a beautiful theatre, acoustically wonderful, lovely warm audience"
Juliet Mills - Bedroom Farce (2010)

"Easily one of the top 5 theatres in the country"
Jason Manford (2010)

"Awesome Room"
Russell Kane (2011)

"The Severn Theatre [sic] is just lovely. Well done, Shrewsbury and whoever designed it. Really excellent."
Chris Addison (2012)