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Macbeth Q & A with Shelley Smith

Published : 07/Apr/2017

This month Theatre Severn will be show-casing it's first ever in-house production of William Shakespeare's classic MACBETH with stage and screen star Patrick Robinson taking the title role and direction led by a highly respected director Loveday Ingram. Back in February auditions were held at the venue in the search for local performers within Shropshire to join the cast of Macbeth, forming an eclectic mix of both professional and community performers.

Successful community cast auditonee Shelley Smith, from Shropshire landed the role of one of the iconic Witches and has answered a few questions from us ahead of the aniticipated opening of MACBETH and how she feels to be a part of Theatre Severn's first ever in-house production!

When did you first develop an interest in Theatre?

My passion for theatre began in my home town of Nottingham 9 years ago when I joined an amateur dramatics group at The Palace Theatre. With them I performed as a witch in 'Dark Of The Moon' by Howard Richardson. I then went on to perform with my schools drama group in the 2009 BBC Shakespeare in Schools festival. In such places and in such fires are passions forged and such was mine.

Who is your favourite actor/actress?

Right now, Maxine Peake. Since watching her perform in Caryl Churchill's 'The Striker' at The Royal Exchange I am in complete awe of her versatality and intensity.

What is your favourite Shakesperian play?

Ironically, Macbeth! I also love 'Much Ado About Nothing'

Have you performed in a Shakespeare production in the past?

My drama class back in High School applied and got accepted to perform our version of Macbeth at the Pomegranate Theatre in Chesterfield as part of the BBC's 'most Shakespeare performances' to take place in one everning across the UK.

How did you hear about auditioning for Theatre Severn's first ever in-house production?

The Theatre Severn website link being shared to my social media page through friends.

What made you want to audition for a role of one of the Witches?

I have always been drawn to roles that can be open to interpretation. That challenge a paticular way of thinking and discuss new elements. Be it magic, or the idea of heaven and hell or new dimensions. It allows for an adventure of the text and witches in paticular can be viewed and performed in so many different and exciting ways.

How did you feel when offered the role of the one of the Witches?

Ecstatic. To hear that I was to work with professional actors and Loveday Ingram herself was incredible. To be surrounded by such passionate individuals and to share in that passion, to focus it on a play I already love and grow as a team is so rewarding.

How important do you think it is to offer opportunities for local performers to audition in professional productions?

Incredibly important because it allows talented individuals who may not always be given such an opportunity to step forward and share their skills and talents and gain confidence in doing so. Open auditions are such a positive way of doing this because it brings the community together.

What experience are you hoping to gain through being a part of Macbeth?

I have never worked in 'The Round' before and so I am hoping to soak up as much knowledge and guidance as possible in the rehearsal space and of course in the performances too on how it feels to perform like this. I'm listening to everything and pushing no idea's aside because I want to try and take in everything that is offered to me, to take forward into future acting jobs and Theatre work.


Macbeth will be performed in the Walker Theatre at Theatre Severn from Tuesday 25th- Saturday 29th April. To book tickets call the Box Office on 01743 281281 or book online at