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Published : 07/Sep/2017

Interview with Tap Factory Director Vincent Pausanias

International hit-show Tap Factory will be returning to Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn this September as part of a sell-out world tour. Tap Factory fuses urban tap dance, percussion, comedy and acrobatics, accompanied by stunning live music and choreography created from the most ordinary of objects. After a successful show at the venue in 2016, the production promises to bring an exhilarating performance suitable for adults and children. Creator and director Vincent Pausanias reveals all about what to expect from his sensational production.

What was your inspiration in creating Tap Factory? My first inspiration is Charlie Chaplin and especially ‘The Modern Times’. What could be a better place than a factory to mix together all these different artistic disciplines; Music, tap dance, hip hop, circus, acrobatics and comedy? All the artists are really strong in their own specialties but are also multitalented. This is an amazing and international cast of great performers.

Tell us a little bit about the characters we’ll see in the show...There are different kind of characters; The newbie, a young amazing tap dancer-acrobat; the circus performer mechanic; the tap workers; the foreman master of rhythm; and of course the sweeper, the only one who actually talks but in a native African language that no-one on stage or in the audience understands which brings a lot of comedy and fun.

How would you sum up Tap Factory without giving too much away? A new worker arrives in a factory for his first day of work and meets the other workers. We then see the evolution of the relationships between all the characters during all the show, always shown with comedy and a little bit of self-mockery.

Do you have a favourite routine or scene in Tap Factory and why? It’s difficult to choose a scene as there are so many different kind of moments in the show. What is great is the contrast between scenes, to go from the strong energy of the urban percussions to the poetry and softness of an African flute or a double bass made with a broom and a rope, or to jump from a fast and strong tap routine to an amazing aerial, acrobatic performance. Without forgetting of course the comedy scenes!

What are you most looking forward to about the tour? My first goal with that show is to see everyone going out of the theatres with a huge smile on their faces and the rhythm pulsing in their bodies. Tap Factory has been created to be pure entertainment- rhythm and comedy are universal languages. We have been touring all over the world for 4 years now and the audiences - from 4 to 90 years old -have always reacted brilliantly. We are really looking forward to coming back to UK where we always have so much fun performing and such a great interaction with the audiences.

What can audiences expect to take away with them from the show? I would say, a huge amount of positive energy! And having had a great night out.

Do you have any pre or post-show routines? Yes there is a little preshow but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Tickets for Tap Factory at Theatre Severn are on sale now and can be booked online, by telephone (01743 281281) and from the venue Box Office.